Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St Patrick's Day!

St Patrick's Day was always very big at my house growing up. It was nearly as big as Thanksgiving dinner. I always loved that we made such a big deal out of it.

Today we have had to put off the traditional corned beef and cabbage for Saturday when The Man is home and my family can come over, but we still wanted to celebrate... so I surprised the kids with a 'green' meal. I tried to include as little food coloring as I could, but in the end I couldn't resist painting a sweet little shamrock in their cocoa. :)

Spinach and chive linguine from Trader Joe's with broccoli and cheddar cheese tossed with a little bit of Italian dressing (I know, I know, but I didn't have any 'Irish dressing'... what would that be anyhow?) Green grapes with gold coins tucked in, and some nice hot cocoa with a shamrock drawn in the milk.

The week is getting really long. I miss my husband dearly... but he will be home late tomorrow night... so I really only have to get through a day and a half. Today I have a nasty headache. So we are skipping school work and I am taking a nap with Logan while the olders play with Legos in the homeschool room. I might even sneak a bath.

Awaiting some space....




Shirley said...

Super cute! Hope that your headache goes away quickly (do you think that it could be allergies?)!!!

Anonymous said...

Love it!

Luisa said...

Hope your headache goes away. I love the green.

themama said...

love the coins in the grapes! that is a super, super cute mug! i LOVE it very dearly! :)

ColorSlut said...

I love your little projects. Each day I smile just looking at them! Happy St. Patrick's day to you as well!!!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Helena ~ It's my very favorite mug. I bought it, full price, at Starbucks years ago. It is the only one that isn't just red and white in my whole collection. But I still use it almost daily. One thing about starbucks mugs... They are spendy. But I haven't even had one chip yet. So to me, they are worth it.

Have a fantastic day everyone!

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