Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wordful Wednesday ~ TV is good.

It reads:

TV is good.

For years the pundits, moralists, and self righteous, self-appointed preservers of our culture have told us that television is bad. They've stood high on their soapbox and looked condescendingly on our innocuous pleasure. They've sought to wean us from our harmless habit by derisively referring to television as the Boob Tube or the Idiot Box.

Well, Television is not the evil destroyer of all that is right in this world. In fact, and we say this for all the disdain we can muster for the elitists who purport otherwise - TV is good.

TV binds up together. It makes us laugh. Makes us cry. Why, in the span of ten years, TV brought us the downfall of an American president, one giant step for mankind and the introduction of Farrah Fawcett as one of "Charlie's Angels". Can any other medium TV for it's immediacy, its impact, its capacity to entertain? Who among us hasn't spent an entire weekend on the couch, bathed in the glow of a Sony Trinitron only to return to work recuperated and completely refreshed? And who would dispute that the greatest advancement in aviation over the last ten years was the decision to air sitcoms during the in-flight service?

Why then should we cower behind our remote controls? Let us rejoice in our fully adjustable, leather-upholstered recliners. Let us celebrate our cerebral-free non-activity. Let us climb highest figurative mountain top and proclaim, with all the vigor and shrillness that made Roseanne a household name, that TV is GOOD.

Taken from the TV guide, 1970 something.




Anonymous said...

I haven't had a TV set in 6 years, or watched TV for that long. On Saturday we bought one, it's still in the box.

Anna said...

I'm hoping that this is more than a touch of irony in this article. The people who wrote it had to have a sense of humor -- right?!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

My favorite line is: "Let us celebrate our cerebral-free non-activity."

Oh yes... lets. :P

I was at a pizza place today and the cable tv was on. I swear I lost IQ points just having it on next to me.

Luisa said...

Funny post. We still have a tv in our home but don't use it as much as we used to. The kids have gotten so used to doing other things (yarn, reading, sewing going outside) that the tv is boring for the older ones. We don't want to waste the one mind we have.

Val in the Rose Garden said...

I think the only real issue I have with TV is the commercials. Well, Charlies Angels and Rosanne would be up there in the 'suck' list, but for the most part, I like entertainment. We have a tiny tv in our closet that the kids get to watch DVDs from the library on a few times a week. We get shows like Dirty Jobs and Star Trek. They are worth spending time on! But the idea of scheduling my days around the TV has always bugged me, and commercials blow my mind. It's seriously feels like I am loosing IQ points just watching that crap!

In this moment... I have a very realized love of my local library. I would be way more out of the loop if it wasn't for that.



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