Friday, April 16, 2010

Blank Slate

I really want to be back in my groove today. I just can't seem to kick this sick and yucky feeling though. The stress of this last week has gotten the better of me. My garden is done though... well, as much as an ongoing project can be 'done'.

I have taken mini-walks through my garden, but that is about it except for trips to and from the dr's for Logan all week long. I feel my garden is now needing art inspiration.

Last night, I transplanted all of my perennial herbs in their new places, and stood back and sighed. What a beautiful place this will be once everything starts coming in! It is still a very blank slate, but my peas are about an inch high, my cut and come again lettuces are a blanket of tiny seedlings (last pic in slideshow). My Pak Choy is almost ready for the first harvest. It gives me such joy you can't even imagine. Thinking about it calms my soul.

I have been looking for garden art this morning. Looking online and concentrating on homemade as much as possible. This is some of what I found:

I have been needing a homemade arbor idea, because the wider pathway I have, the store bought ones will not fit. I thought this one was very pretty!

Wouldn't something like this look lovely on this wall (even if it would be fake)?

I would love to add a mosaic step like this one to the back of the garden (to step up onto the hill with the smaller beds).

And just for fun, how cute are these re-purposed bowling balls??

The pictures are clickable to the source. Enjoy!




Shirley said...

Are those peonies that I spy? What colors do you have? And where did you get the cages? Your garden is going to be awesome! Hope that everything is going well with Logan's finger....

Lise said...

Your garden looks just incredible. And thanks for the pics of garden decor...that's something I'm working on right now, too. I'm sorry you're feeling sick. Take it easy and enjoy the beautiful view you've created!

Shirley said...

Found this site while looking around earlier:

Jody said...

Beautiful, Val. Absolutely.

Val in the Rose Garden said...


I have a couple different kinds, but honestly, I am not really a flower girl, so I don't know what kind they are. I did recognise a 'sorbet' I believe last year though. This one:

and here is another one:

Aren't they pretty? There are a few more scattered around the yard where they don't have near enough sun to bloom and I need to move them soon. I think I may give some to the previous owners... I think they'd like that.

Have a great day!


Kiyi Kiyi said...

I LOVE garden junk! Here are a few ideas of things I've made for my garden. They are easy and fun for kids to make, especially the cement mushrooms.

Birdbath and birdhouse-

Glass totem-

Glass plate flower-

Cement mushroom-

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Catalina, I love that! Thank you so much for sharing!


ColorSlut said...

I love the lady bugs!

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