Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Wall of Love

My best friend Sarah picked up a set of post-its for her kiddos to write what they loved most and put them up on a wall. It went over so well for her and her kids that I wanted to try it with mine. So after breakfast and the egg hunt were finished this Easter, I decided to try a new tradition... and I asked the whole family (visitors included) to join in. It was crazy fun!

Some of the things we came up with were pretty standard. I love my kids, I love my husband/wife, etc. But some of them were really neat. Alex wrote 'I love warmth' on one of his hearts, and Logan asked me to write "I love candies" on one of his.

(Logan's hearts scattered along the very bottom... where he can reach. I think it's adorable!)

Logan started out by having me write the things he loved... he would tell me 'I wuv... uh... books!' and I would write it down, and then he would put it up. Then he wanted to write his own. These are especially cute because I wrote "I love..." and then he would scribble his own 'love' down and put them on the wall.

Gratitude is such a big part of our world right now, and I just love sharing this love and gratitude activity with them! It is so easy to find the hard parts in life. I want it to be just as easy (and fun too!) to find the beautiful things that we love.

Thanks for the fantastic idea Sarah!




themama said...

What a great idea! Will definitely be doing this!

ColorSlut said...

So sweet!

M.E. Greene said...

Love notes! How wonderful. :)

Crafty_Witchy_Girl said...

What a nice idea! If I've had kids I'd like to do something like that too! I love your son Logan's name. If I had a kid this name surely would be on my baby names list...

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