Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Suburban Homestead step 2

We have been working really hard getting the yard and garden all put into place before we head on our vacation at the start of May. I didn't quite realize how far we had come until I took pictures today. Check this out.



The fence in this picture is from the side garden. It is going to be taken off of it's supports and put behind these beds, but it will be lower than it is in this picture and the arbor will go between the two over the garden gateway.

Large pots will hold rosemary, sage, and a few other perennial herbs down the center of the larger isle. I switched from the idea in the plan because I think that I will need to, occasionally, bring a wheel barrow between the beds, and so the pots will be more portable than the brick ring... although not quite as pretty.



Kind of amazing huh? We have had tons of help from my niece and my son, which has been great!

We moved all the railroad ties to the front yard and then covered the not-growing grass in the decent soil from inside the bed.

We have worked in the rain WAY more often than not. Sometimes pouring, but mostly heavy drizzle... the kind that runs down your back and gets into your bones, making you want to take a hot bath. I had to replace all of our rain boots except for Logan's and my clogs. We come in each evening, sore and wet... but now that I see the pictures, it feels so worth it. It's getting more and more beautiful by the day.

We have been finding worms and throwing them into the new garden beds, just to start them out right. (And so we don't kill the worms with the shovel work we are doing.) Look at this baby that the Man found:

When we first found this worm, he was over a foot and a half long. He will now do his part in keeping my broccoli bed happy. :)




Lise said...

It's looking great!!

ColorSlut said...

I love earth worms! Your work looks great. It will be pure heaven this summer!

Shirley said...

Loving the progress! Can't wait until they're filled with green growing plants!

Liz said...

I am amazed at the progress you have! Someday I will be able to have a garden space...and the kids will be a little older. Since we are currently in AZ (until daddy comes home from deployment) not much to grow here...we are starting a tomato garden and some strawberries. We'll all learn together...

Oh...and the worm is sooooo long! Ewwww!

pink and green mama MaryLea said...


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