Tuesday, May 4, 2010

And we're off!

By the time you get this, we will be in the car, far far away. I have people checking up on my house, and people checking up on my blog space too, so the posts won't really stop. But we are on vacation until the 18th of May, so I won't be responding to questions until I get back.

In preparation for our trip, I made the kids each a pack filled with their favorite things and a few extras I got especially for the trip.

Since we have been planning on going, I have been stocking up on all sorts of things to keep them happy in the hours and hours in the car. Easter baskets, weekend treats, even some school supplies were all turned into duel purpose gifts that could be turned into a busy activity for the trip. Brilliant or sneaky? I think both. ;)

One of these kits was in each of their Easter Baskets. It holds stationary cards, a pen, stamps, and a Moleskine notebook for writing letters to friends back home.

For added charm, I asked for fabric scraps from the maker of the stationary holder (called the In Touch Clutch and can be found here). Wonderfully, she was able to send a few that matched each of the kids adorable Clutches, and I made them matching pens by slipping the fabric inside a hollow pen body. (I used the Pentel RSVP for this pen. Very common, I found them at Office Depot.)

On top of the little note cards and pen, I printed Cyan some stationary that has proper letter writing form on it. I figured, why not throw in some homeschooling while we are on vacation too? (Templete here.)

Together with a clip board that holds coloring sheets and some mandalas as well, the set is complete and ready for letter writing/picture coloring/postcard sending action!




Luisa said...

Have a great trip. Mom's have a way of giving brilliantly sneaky ideas that promote creativity :)

ColorSlut said...

Have a fantastic trip and can't wait to see what you guys get up to. Did you make the card holders? If so when you get back could I get the pattern?

Shirley said...

Have a fabulous and safe trip!

downstairs Designs said...

These turned out great- I love how you did the pens! I am so glad the scraps I sent worked for you, thanks for letting me be part of such a wonderful experience for your family!

SF said...

Brilliant and beautiful!!! Enjoy your holiday! xo

Jenny said...

Enjoy your vacation!

ColorSlut said...

I just got the bowl covers. Thank you so much Val. They are PERFECT! I can't wait to use them.

have you put them through the washing machine? Do they do okay??

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Colorslut: yes, I have put them through the washer tons of times! The PUL does not hold up in the dryer well so they are a hang up item, like a bra or some stretchy like that. :)

as for the other questions, they have to wait till I am back at my own computer. I am pressing my luck trying to send this from my phone. ;)

have a great week y'all! Headed to the airport today! Leg 2 of 4 of our trip is a go! :D

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