Thursday, May 6, 2010

A walk through the garden from May 1st

On this day I made the trellis for the peas. These will eventually hold the beans on the back and the yellow squash and zucchini on the sides. But that is for after the peas are harvested and the summer heat really sets in. I am making a slightly taller one for the tomatoes which I have now decided should go along the South facing wall of the house (which is in the last picture to the very far right). I am adding a bed there which will be 2ft wide and 10ft long. It will be mainly for tomatoes, but I have plans to add basil seeds to the base when the ground gets over 55 degrees. Then perhaps some oregano in pots, and perhaps I will transplant that nice big Rosemary plant in the pot to that bed right next to the garden gate on that side. It will be my own Italian garden spot.

Fun stuff! All this metal pipe usage in the garden was inspired by the garden art flowers. Those pipes are about $3.75 each. The connectors are quite a bit more expensive, but unless one gets bent, those will last for 10 years or more, so I think it is a good expense.

The more things come together with the garden, the more in love I am with it. It is already a magically space... I can't wait to see it when it is full of plants, and life, and food!



LillyZoo said...

Fabulous Great job I want to see how it progresses

Shirley said...

LOVE your garden!

ColorSlut said...

I can't wait to see how it looks in the full bloom of summer!

Kelly said...

It looks so great!

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