Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Garden walk through, May 18th, 2010

What an incredible change! This is the day before we left for vacation, on May 1st. The basket of goodness is what we had for dinner tonight. I added Asian dressing, chicken breast, and some slivered almonds to create a wonderful meal less than an hour after it was picked. I love gardening!



ColorSlut said...

Wow. It is looking amazing! What did you have from the garden last night?

Shirley said...

Seriously am so jealous that you get that much sun where you are and we seem to be cloudy/rainy all the time and are probably less than 30 or 40 miles apart. *humph*

Val in the Rose Garden said...

@ Shirley: We have TONS of rain. In fact, a neighbor was running to their car yesterday while I was gardening in the rain and he yelled out to me "Don't ya know it's raining??" and I laughed. We were all out there... planting seeds.

The spot is south facing though... so when we do get rays of sun, this spot gets it. There is no real shade there... which is perfect for gardening here in WA. :)

Where I am putting the tomatoes is on a south facing wall of my house. It will be about 10* warmer for the entire summer and the tomatoes should love it there. Too bad you have to rotate nightshade crops. I could see that being my spot for tomatoes forever!



Val in the Rose Garden said...

@colorslut: We had Asian chicken Salad. I picked Pak Choi, baby kale and swiss chard greens and a ton of the cut and come again lettuce mix I planted before we left. Then I added in Pak Choi flowers, chive flowers, and hearts ease flowers for a garnish. Then inside I added slivered almonds, orential dressing, chow mein noodles, and marinated chicken breast cut up and cooled. We sided it with rice. It was good. ;)



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