Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Trip recap 1 of 5 ~ Nevada City, CA

The first day, we drove all night long, switching drivers around 5am. When we switched, we fed the kids breakfast, and got back into the car. Within 10 minutes, we were headed across the Sierra Nevada Mountains, just inches from Mt Shasta and the sun broke with nothing but wispy purple clouds in the sky. It was INCREDIBLE! I had to stop the car and watch the sun rise over the mountains. Pictures can't capture it... but I tried:

Since none of us really slept well in the car, we all took a nap once we got to the hotel and after meeting my aunt for dinner, we headed back to the hotel to shower and retire early.

The next day, feeling great and more rested, we headed out to Empire Mine.

A real, honest to goodness, gold mine from the California gold rush. We walked through a self guided tour of the estate and tunnels, and got to see how much it takes to keep a gold mine working. There was a forge and tool fixing/making shop, a woodworking shop, a office, a living area, and then, of course, the area that goes down into the mines. That was amazing... these men, dressed in hardhats and jeans, would sit on these wooden platforms and SHOOT down these tunnels at about 40MPH. There were miles and miles of tunnels... the model that showed them all only becoming public record in the last 30 years since the mine was shut down.

They had a riding platform on display.

After another day of resting and hanging out with my Aunt, we headed in the direction of the San Francisco airport.

It was Logan's (and Bob's) first flight and they were REALLY excited!

The pilot let the kids go into the cockpit and press buttons and everything. This was the 'best thing ever' according to Logan, and as we got off in San Diego, Logan walked right into the cockpit and said "You are AWESOME!" It was completely adorable. I have a feeling the pilot will be telling that story for a while. ;)




Unknown said...

California~Nevada's gold country is great! Sooo much history. I love family trips!!

Katie said...

How fun!!! Welcome back :)

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