Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Oh my crazy kids!

Today was homeschool class pictures at the park. It is the second sunny day since we have been home and so we were all excited to wear short sleeves and run around near the water.

Less than a half hour after we got there (and before her turn for pictures) Cyan slipped and fell into the small pond, trying to get a better look at a turtle sunning itself. She went in thigh deep and was traumatized as all get out. She had, after all, just gotten herself all dolled up for pictures! Luckily, a wonderfully prepared friend (with an 8 year old girl) had a pair of leggings she could borrow and so we were saved, and pictures went on as if nothing happened.

Then we ate lunch, and just as we were getting done and packing up, I notice out of the corner of my eye Logan walking around another deeper pond. I watch him as he goes behind a tree from my view and tries to duck around a bush. I step forward just in time to see him slip and fall into the water. I utter something COMPLETELY inappropriate in front of children and fly around the pond. When I get there I find that he has clung to the rocks on the side of the pond and is trying to get his leg up out of the water. In the second between him falling and me getting him out of the water he had pushed himself off the bottom, held on to the side, and was trying to get himself out of the pond!

This is a technique that my husband taught him in Toddler Swim last summer and had just reinforced when we were in California at grandpa's pool. I have never been more grateful to have those lessons as today. I have spent the rest of the afternoon shuttering thinking about what could have happened if I hadn't been there and/or he hadn't learned how to get out of a pool.

For a while, he and I were both close to hysterics. He was so scared! But I had to laugh when he said he wasn't scared of the water... he said that if he stayed in there, the CROCODILES would EAT him. ROFL!!! Omgoodness... that pulled me out of my worries... he is such a nut. My friend and I had fun explaining to him that no crocodiles live in WA and so he wouldn't have to worry about that. Then he laughed. Didn't even notice that the water could have killed him. Just the crocodiles in the koi pond. Crazy kids...




Frannie said...

Seriously Val, sometimes you amaze me...the things you think of. I'm being selfish in saying that I'm so glad I get to glean from you as I begin homeschooling my boys. What a blessing you are...and I don't even know you:)

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Awe Frannie... thank you! What a sweet thing to say.

Blessings friend,


Val in the Rose Garden said...

Frannie, while I am thinking of it, have you seen my Homeschool Blog? That is specifically for the things I am doing with my kids and right now I am putting up a united states unit study that I am just LOVING putting together. All free too. :)

Anyhow, here's the link if you haven't seen it before.


Have a great Tuesday!

Aiming4Simple said...

What a day! I'm thankful to know that your kids are okay. The events remind me of the story Tikki Tikki Tembo.

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