Thursday, June 10, 2010

Review of "Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day"

Love this book so far. I have made 4 loaves, which turned out beautifully! I am not a baker... so when someone suggested this book, I was really nervous. But really, it's that easy. The first day it took me 20 minutes or so. The next morning, I had to let them sit out for an hour (I used half WW flour) while I was doing my morning workout, and when I was done, they were ready to cook! Hot, beautiful bread came with us that afternoon for a picnic with friends at the park. Perfect crust, perfect soft doughy inside, and perfect flavor. I am officially in love. I threw in some deli meat, some cheese, and some grapes and olives and we were ready for a French picnic!

More pictures to come! My goal is to try quite a few recipes in the book, then put the dough in the freezer and slowly move from buying bread at all this year. With my crappy oven, that is a lofty goal, but if it works out like it did today, it can be done. So we will see.

~Happy Baking!




Anonymous said...

since i seem to be the only one here really wanting homemade bread in that kinda desperate hardcore kinda way i am ever so hopefully and eagerly awaiting the test results for the damn celiac disease - if negative this book has been on my list as my next project in attempting 'perfect' (whatever that means) bread from scratch.

Kelly said...

That book has been on "to buy" list for years. I just wasn't convinced that it would work. Hmmm guess I should get it afterall.

Frannie said...

I agree with Kelly. I've been making my own bread for about 2 yrs now after my husband got me the "Bread Bible". but I got away from the artisan breads b/c they took so long to rise and just make sandwich bread now. I've been craving some good artisan bread for a while and you've inspired me to try the book. thanks

as for your oven...have you looked on Freecycle for a new/used one? I'm sure you have lots of great offers in your area

Val in the Rose Garden said...

@ Deb:
A very good friend of mine is a an amazingly sensitive Celiac. When she first got diagnosed I bought her a book called 'gluten free girl' that has TONS of amazing recipes (lots whole foods) that were wonderful. Now she has a whole collection, but that is still a good one. :) I will be praying for your negative result, but if not, there is hope. Lots of hope for yummy food and releif from stomach pains. It has been two years now and she is back to being able to do everything she wanted. We even had dinner at the Outback last week (They have a celiac menu). Much luck my friend. That issue is very close to my heart.

@ Kelly and Frannie:
I got mine from the library first. It took a while for it to come to me, but the stalling was good, because I really wasn't sure if it would work. Now I will own it with no thoughts that I can not do it. Second set of loaves are in the fridge. :)

Blessings all,


Sunshine Alternative Mama said...

Love that book, and bought the new one (Healthy Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day) to get the GF recipes. GF brioche dough used to make GF cinnamon rolls is fantastic. I don't love the GF boule but J does and that is what matters; I think I need to mess with the recipe for more flavor.

I took a class once with King Arthur flour and artisan bread seemed so hard and so time-consuming and now the basic recipe from the first book makes it an absolute breeze!

Unknown said...

hey there! Thanks for coming over to i.craft. As for French Picnic, we are taking a break as we are working on a book together and can't seem to find time for chapters and blogging. UGH! But I'm going to add your blog to my personal list so I can keep coming over here.

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Thanks for letting me know Gabrielle. I didn't want to take down the tag if you had just moved somewhere else or something. Good luck with your book!



pink and green mama MaryLea said...

My dad uses this book -- he always has some sort of a start dough in the fridge, I keep forgetting to ask him about it but everything he's made and shared with us so far has been REALLY good -- a lot of Ciabatta!! Nummy. : )

pink and green mama

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Oh MaryLea... its a great book! I made 8 loaves of peasent dough today and it was so easy. Less than 20 mintues! I have to make a couple huge bowl covers though, because I don't have a cover for the bowl that the dough is in right now. That is my task for this weekend. :)


Jenny said...

I'll have to check this book out. My husband has decided he doesn't like bread from our bread machine and I really love the taste & smell of fresh homemade bread.

Val in the Rose Garden said...

it is amazing! I made peasent bread yesterday that was gone before I could get pictures... So I am making more today! I think you'll love it. Have a good Saturday my friend!

Anna said...

I've gotten the Healthy Bread in 5 Minutes a day from the library -- but the idea of keeping that much dough in my fridge put me off. Might have to take a look at this one and see what I think. Your bread looks absolutely wonderful though (one a different post -- I'm thinking).

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