Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Thoughts for this stormy evening...

I'm ready for bed... but someday soon, I am going to paint everything that I can in my house... white. I have been thinking about it for a while and it always hurts me to cover up wood... but it's happening... and I think it will make me very happy. The rain has to stop first. The pounding rain that has brought thunder twice today... that must end before I can paint. So I have at least until tomorrow. 'night blogland!




pink and green mama MaryLea said...

My best friend in the neighborhood collects fabulous flea market furniture and lives in a small house that can be rather dark in the winter months. She painted all of her dark brown wood furniture white (dining room table and chairs/china hutch/buffet/dresser) then painted the walls a lovely pale shade of greeny taupe (but not too dark) and added pale blue/green (mostly blue) curtains. Painted her dark brown kitchen cabinets white and added a furniture distressed painted blue hutch to the kitchen. it all goes beautifully -- made her house look lighter and bigger and brighter and looks fantastic with her hodge-podge collection of vintage dishes/bowls/jars/ etc.

I think you'll love it.

xoxo marylea

Val in the Rose Garden said...

@ Marylea:

Yes! That is the same thing I am dealing with. The last house had lots of light in that big room, and so we had lots of dark wood, and black furniture and it look cabinish... but this house has low ceilings and only has morning and evening sun. And we have wood floors... even in the kitchen. So there is dark (or semidark) wood everywhere! I still have some shelves and such that are painted black too... so I will do those first and see how I feel about it. But I am getting a gallon of white and a gallon of off-white paint. Then I can do things like use fun fabrics and stuff without making it seem so busy. Right now, when walking through my house, your eyes travel from the floor, to the shelves, to the stuff on them and the eye space is cluttered with tons of color... everywhere. I didn't think it would bug me, but then I saw someones pictures where all of the main peices were white, and off white, and then she had little bits of color and it was so charming! I will have to post inspiration pictures. I think the walls are going to be a light purple. Because our kitchen is going to be bright teal.

Sigh... I love the planning phase of housing projects. :)

Thanks for the comment! Everyone I have told has been like "paint over wood, NO you cant!" ;)



Anna said...

I love painted furniture and white woodwork. I know some people think that you should never ever paint over wood, but I say some wood just needs to be painted. If it makes you happy do it!!!

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