Thursday, June 3, 2010

What a little paint can do...

Our home projects are going better now that we have had our tiny break in the rain. The stuff I wanted painted FINALLY got done this morning and now, I get to show it off. :)

Laundry room cabinets before:

And after:

Used bread box I got for $2.99, before:

And after:

Isn't it just amazing what a little paint can do? These projects cost me just under $20 total (with all new handles too) and they match my home SO much better now! No more nasty stains that I have to look at every time I walk into the laundry room. No more orange breadbox that sits in the most visible corner of my teal and red accented kitchen. They both are the kinds of projects that I will see all the time and feel happy I was able to give them such a cheap face lift.

In honor of the new breadbox, my wonderful teen asked if he could make muffins. When I told him I didn't have a muffin mix, he laughed and said "You always say, 'If I can read, I can cook'. Well guess what mom... I can read." So he made these, all on his own, with things we had on hand, from scratch:

It was a good 'mama' day. :-)




TwigandToadstool said...

lovely and easy revamp. I'm up for a smallish, cheapish, kitchen's amazing what a bit of paint can do!!

Anna said...

I love "if I can read, I can cook.' Well guess what mom....I can read." You have done quite well there!

pink and green mama MaryLea said...

Yummy!! Love it -- if you can read, you can cook -- I'll have to share that one with my girls : )
The paint looks great -- love the cabinet door color.

pink and green mama

Julie said...

Just want you to know that I enjoy your blog, the pics and the layout is beautiful!

Unknown said...

Just been pottering through your blog, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Parts of it took me back to when our children were young, which was a pretty good time of life, as is now, when our grandchildren are growing up. Thanks and warm regards, Mike and Ann (in England).

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Thank you Julie and Mike & Ann. :) And welcome. I truly love my little suburban homestead and raising my children in it. I also love sharing! So thank you for stopping by!

The kids have been cooking like crazy for the last couple days. We are studying the United States one at a time, and I have found a recipe to go with each state (and sometimes more). The kids are also doing a course right now called "Math in the kitchen"... which is a video course about reading recipes and making smart choices in the cooking world. It's awesome! Yesterday Alex made crepes and Cyan made whipping cream from scratch. I am crazy excited to be able to turn over stoves, knives, and ingredients to them and have something eatible come out!

Donna said...

You and your blog have captivated me from the moment I discovered it. Love your enthusiasm! It is very inspiring. Enjoy your summer!

Kiyi Kiyi said...

"If you can read, you can cook." That's what MY mom always says! LOL! It's true!

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