Wednesday, August 4, 2010


The kids and I have been making a lot of outside dinners lately. Our favorite so far is pizza. Right now, I don't really cook... so I have settled nicely into making organic frozen pizza instead of my regular recipe for our pizza nights (which is really easy, it's just beyond me at the moment). This one was sided with a salad from the garden (everything but the tomatoes!) and some fresh, local nectarines for dessert.

(The tradition of pizza was brought back by a recent lesson on the Magna Carta with Cyan, in which, she asked the 'rulers of her kingdom' to bring back pizza night. Link to that lesson here. It's definitely worth checking out!)

It was wonderful!

Yay for good weather!

(Just as an aside, I did actually eat this salad. And it was not a good idea. I decided to wait a month before I try again with the veggies. It's annoying, but better than the alternative for this pregnant mama.)




ColorSlut said...

Looks like a delcious dinner!

Sunshine Alternative Mama said...

Love the little Pyrex refrigerator dish ~ did you get the lids too? I've been collecting Pyrex although I'm not finding it at yard sales, or even at thrift stores. Bummer. I think your pattern is Amish Butterprint.

Val in the Rose Garden said...

That is the dish I got at that garage sale for $1 each! One of the DOES have the lid too. And I have the bowl as well. The blue rooster bowl. I love pyrex so very much. :) I have been collecting for a long time, and just lately have had a windfall of luck finding stuff. I'll send you a bit of my luck!



Sunshine Alternative Mama said...

I have some great Pyrex mixer bowls that I found at the thrift ~ I forgot about those. But the fridge dishes I had to get from ebay and antiques stores, and I wasn't paying $1 each . You really scored.

There is a person having a yard sale about 30 minutes form here tomorrow and she has lots of Pyrex mentioned in her ad at $1 - 2 a piece. I'd love to go if we can make it work. Most of her stuff is 50s Pyrex.

I did grab the Pyrex custard cups/rack set off ebay for a good price, and I am so happy to have it.

So yes, I need your luck! Maybe the boys and I should hit the thrift store right now!

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