Saturday, August 28, 2010

First Belly Picture

I am working hard to get together the first installment of 'how to make a 6 week menu plan' but it is really slow going. I can tell you, that ours is being implemented and working great! So it's kind of exciting. I have thoughts of just posting what we are doing so you all can copy it... what do you think of that? I could even do it a week at a time... let me know your thoughts. Most of the recipes are on here already anyhow.

For now, I will leave you with my choice of belly pics for the middle trimester. 16 wks, 4th baby... apparently you show early. And of course, the token bowl of wild blackberries, cus it is that season.




sarah in the woods said...

I showed early with my third. I'm sure if I have another one, I'd show by about day 3! Your belly is very cute.

Frannie said...

I would love love love any tid bits you have to give about the menu plan. I've been waiting for someone to do this that has menu options that my family actually would enjoy. I'm so glad you're doing it. installments would be great...anything would be great. And yes, your belly is beautiful and perfectily "big" for the 4th. I think i started showing at month 3 on my 2nd!

Amber said...

Beautiful belly! I'd love some meal planning info!

Jennifer said...

Echoing what everyone else has commented. You look beautiful! And I am looking forward to a meal planning tutorial. :) Blessings on your day Val.

ColorSlut said...

You look fantastic!

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