Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What we have been up to lately...

We have been out. A lot. Without my camera. Why ever not? You say... well, the camera bag is heavy and I have been dealing with neck and shoulder injuries, and when I JUST take the camera (which I would do before when the bag was just too heavy) it hits me in my new big belly as I walk... which is pretty much no fun at all. So here is some of the stuff we have been doing... via phone pictures. lol!

Our trip to NW Trek was great this time. I don't think we have ever been in the summer. All the bears were sleeping in the sun, the elk were prancing around, shining their horns on trees and in the river, the moose were even out, showing off their stuff. It was a great trip (and would have been wonderful on film!).

A bachelor herd of Big Horn Sheep... Just laying next to the road.

Cyan up close to a Caribou yearling. He was pretty little, but still impressive that he was so close!

And my biggest project lately has been this:

This is a 6 wk rotating menu plan, complete with options for seasonal eating, grocery lists, and recipes for each and every single item on the list. I will lay out the entire plan as soon as I get the kinks worked out, but for now, you just get the teaser (which I doubt you can even read, because it was also taken with my phone. Muahahaha!)

Feel free to read about my love of binders here, here, and here to wet your appetite.




Christi said...

I'm DYING over here to see the rest of the menu!!!

ColorSlut said...

I'll have to read through them. We do weekly recipes - but for 6 weeks. IMPRESSIVE!

Katie said...

Perfect timing! We move next week, and it is back to keeping a better handle on such things...thanks Val, can't wait to see the finished product and get some inspiration.

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Chenning said...

Val, I am also waiting with bated breath for you to post more about your 6 week menu plan. That will be so awesome :-). Thank you for sharing on your blog. I actually just started a household notebook, too (inspired by you and Meeshi).

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