Thursday, August 5, 2010

Garage Sale trumps Thrift Store again!

I pulled into my neighborhood last weekend to see a sign that said "Garage Sale!" posted on one of our telephone polls... I was seriously considering just driving by... but I pulled in to see what I could find. My impromptu garage sale trip got me the best thrifty finds I have gotten all year!

First up: A Little Tikes Police Car. Logan LOVES the thing and has really enjoyed chasing Cyan in our other Little Tikes car around the yard making siren noises and yelling "Stop! Police!" :)

These next two go together. I have been wanting to make Logan a '1950's' classic retro bedroom for ages! In my mind, it's all reds and blues with dark tan walls, and fun vintage prints up in white picture frames. So when I saw this quilt for $4, I just couldn't resist... even though he doesn't have a bed that will fit it yet. It's in amazing shape, and the perfect brick red and denim blue that I love for that style of room. And obviously, it goes ok with tan too. (Although not with the sagey green we have all over the living room.)

And these:

How cute would those be on little white shelves in his room? He loves playing with his 'big cars' as he calls them, and I just love that I am gathering this stuff for his space! (He has always shared a room/decor style with Cyan, so him getting his own is very new. For him and for me.)

The screen and chairs came from two different garage sales. The chairs were $2.50 each and work perfectly for Logan's little table (who's chairs went missing or broken years ago). And the screen covers up that broken brass fireplace in the homeschool room beautifully! (And came from the same garage sale the above items came from.)

And the crowning gem of my impromptu garage sale outing:

Oh yes my friends, this was at that garage sale for $10. And it's a rocker! I LOVE it! It will be perfect for hanging out with the family with the new baby, and for now, the cat is in love.

All of this (and the tiny quilt, plus two pieces of Pyrex with blue roosters on them) for $38!! You just can't beat that!




Jenny said...

Awesome finds Val! We did great at a recent garage sale too. You never know what treasures you may find...

Frannie said...

i have to say I'm impressed. the screen and rocker alone are incredible! Way to go mommy!

Lisa and family said...

Great scores!

Amanda said...

Well done!!!

pink and green mama MaryLea said...

Way to go Val! I haven't had any luck at our past two neighborhood garage sales but i DID score big time out of my neighbor's trash yesterday (they moved out of their house today so they tossed all kinds of goodies)

I scored a shoe rack for the kid's shoes in our laundry room/mudroom (less space than the big basket I had them all in)

Also got a great big old window with mirrors retrofitted in it (will be hanging it on the back of our shed by the girl's swing set)

A huge bag full of craft supplies!
Wooden shapes, dowel rods, fall silk leaves, etc.

They also tossed a ton of stuff that should have been freecycled or taken to goodwill but I couldn't spend the whole day digging through their trash!

oh well...may do another cruise by tonight since the moving van pulled away two hours ago!!

: )
xoxo ML

Love the little cop car and the rocker will be wonderful for snuggling your newest family member this winter!

Sherrie said...

Nice finds! I especially love the quilt - I've been looking for one like that for the 3-year-old's room for ages. Nice!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Thanks everyone! I am still realing from my finds. I LOVE that chair! I have been searching for the perfect throw pillows to pull the couch and chair together. This is the first time since I got married that we have had nice livingroom furniture. It feels so 'grown up'. lol!

Mary Lea, what amazing free finds you got! That is wonderful! Esp the craft supplies. Wooden shapes and things like that can be really spendy, and I am sure (as always) you will find something fantastic to do with them. :) said...

hey val! i miss you!
i have some questions for you...will you email me?
teresa (from the ballard market)

Anonymous said...

OKAY! I need to move into your neighborhood. What gorgeous finds. I am especially green with envy about the rocker. That is EXACTLY what I want but haven't shelled out the big bucks to buy one yet! Good work!

Brie said...

Great deals!!!

We had our "best find ever" two weeks ago. There was an old beat up trumpet that I wasn't going to buy but after I got in the car I sent Hunter back to see if she'd take less than $20. She took $15 and so we weren't sure if Hunter was going to learn to play it(along with the guitar and saxophone he's playing currently) or sell it. Then as we're going down the road he's reading and says "stradi-something". I literally stopped the van in the middle of the road(we live in a very quiet neighborhood lol)and looked at the words. It's worth $1500-$2000 once we get it fixed up(about $150). I'll probably be telling my grandkids about this great find:)

ColorSlut said...

Goodness those are amazing finds!

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