Sunday, August 8, 2010

Renaissance Fair 2010

Yesterday we spent the day at the Midsummer Renaissance Fair. It was AMAZING! When we first got there we quickly made our way down to the Joust competition... and even though we were a bit late, we got front row seats! I was SO upset I didn't bring my camera. They did different tests of skill on horseback and actually had a joust at the end where one guy actually got knocked off his horse. Another guy fell off his horse, but I think that was dramatised... the other one got knocked backwards, flying. I don't know if that was planned or not, but it sure was exciting! We sat with on the side of Mary, Queen of Scott's yelling "Hes-za!", eating giant pickles from a vendor that rolled by, and getting dirt flung at us by horses racing across the jousting field. It was pretty much the best thing ever!

Cyan and Logan were dressed for the part. Logan was a knight and Cyan a lady... they had tons of fun acting with Robin Hood, petting the Jousting horses, and eating medieval fare for lunch (giant turkey leg anyone?)

This trip fits right into everything we are doing in homeschooling right now. We actually JUST finished a class on Robin Hood last week, so getting to see him 'in the flesh' was quite a treat for the kids. Cyan really enjoyed being able to say things like "Look mom! That lady is making a Celtic Broach!" It was a WONDERFUL day and I just wish I had more pictures... we may just have to go back. ;)



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