Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Nostalgia is such a funny thing. It hits you at strange times... and all of a sudden, you are looking back into time. Your stomach gets all knotty (but not necessarily in a bad way) and you feel as though you need to find some evidence that what you are feeling ever really was the way it was.

Our family has come so far. And yet, even in the worst of times, we have had so much. When we first had Cyan and Alex our lives were so amazingly different than they are today. And they grew so fast!

Then when we had Logan, things started to settle into a rhythm that has become our life for the last 3 years.

It is often really daunting for me to have anything rock the 'settled' boat.

I just wonder sometimes what this new little surprise person is going to bring to our family. I am hopeful (esp now that I don't feel like crud all the time!) but I see it as our first big adventure in a long time. I feel at this moment, that this baby is just evidence of us still moving ahead, slowly, but surely, into the life we have created. It is a strange feeling, mixed with sensations of being overwhelmed, moments of panic, and lots of moments of 'normal'. But it finally is feeling like it could be really good.




ColorSlut said...

I'm sure it will be fantastic! Thanks for the post. Sniff sniff :)

Katie said...

How exciting for your family, I love the pictures :)

Frannie said...

that was beautiful

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