Monday, August 30, 2010

Kitchen Envy

It isn't often that I envy other peoples kitchens. After all, mind is kinda strange. My Pyrex collection alone can throw people off as to what I am actually going for with a style. Almost none of the match. And my pantry? Well, many of my wonderful jars are as old as me and even then, my mom got them used from deli's around where we lived. I like the old stuff... but not retro... almost a "funky farm house" kind of feel.

And then I saw this:

Oh my mighty heavens! I love this! It is JUST my style and I can so rarely say that... and she shares my love for all things Pyrex! Which while not quite so rare, is often not quite the same as mine. I have found only a couple eclectic collections like mine. More people prefer to have a matching set, or get ones that at least have a color theme. Not me. I have green, red, blue, brown... they are all there... and so does she! I am in love!

The whole kitchen remodel is pretty stinkin' fantastic actually. You can see the rest of her wonderful pictures (as well as 'befores') here:

BlueBirdBaby kitchen tour




Anna said...

Oh, that is an awesome kitchen!

ColorSlut said...

That is so cool! Where did you see it?

Val in the Rose Garden said...

There is a link at the bottom of the post that says BlueBirdBaby kitchen tour. That is her site. It's wonderful! Beautiful pictures and lots of style that I love. :)



Sunshine Alternative Mama said...

Oh, I love it! My Pyrex sort of has a theme to it, as I started with yellow, orange, and turquoise refrigerator dishes, but then I started adding the round bake/serve/store casseroles and I have several different patterns in those. And then there is all the clear Pyrex, and some plain white mixing bowls Oh, and I bought a set of white/Amish Butterprint refrigerator dishes at a yard sale. Now my method is anything goes if it is from the thrift or a yard/garage sale.

erika~ the inspired mama said...

oh my goodness, i have coveted this kitchen for some time now! i found her on flickr and fell in love. i have been collecting vintage pyrex for years and look forward to showcasing it like this. and i started a new collection of vintage glassware after seeing this kitchen ;) LoVe.


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