Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Menu Binder ~ part 2

The master list is now finished and put in the front of a brand new green binder. I even used a cool font. It feels good to have a plan, but now comes actually being able to implement that plan.

My goal in doing this project in the first place was to not have to cook. I know that sounds strange. But for me, it was necessary. Pregnancy is really hard on me. And between keeping up on homeschooling, house work, and everything else that is important, cooking seemed to be the one thing that kept falling to the wayside over and over. It is easy for me to say that I can keep up with it... but honestly, I really couldn't. It became obvious to me by the food I had to throw away that the current plan was not working at all. Wasted food makes me crazy... so a new plan was in order. One that anyone; baby sitter, my son, or even my non-cooking husband could pick up and be able to make our family favorites with ease.

So the next step in the making a menu binder comes writing down all your recipes. If you are like me at all, many of your family favorites have never been written down... they are just all held in your head. So this step took some time. But it has been worth it already.

I separated the sections of page protectors in my binder with tabs that mark the weeks. Each week has all the recipes I need including favorite side dishes and optional seasonal dishes.

Each recipe has it's own page. It just makes it easier. Plus, that way, if you ever decided to move things around, you wouldn't have to reprint recipes.

Next comes making the grocery lists...




Heather said...

Love, love, love the binder! I really need to do this for this time while I'm in grad school and working. I make a weekly menu, but I have to do it each week. You've inspired me! Now to find the time to get it going.

Aiming4Simple said...

This is really a fantastic idea and accomplishment! Over the summer I made a recipe binder for a friend as a wedding gift. It was a lot of work, but such a fun, personal thing to create.

I could easily reprint the pages and use your binder idea to streamline meal prep for myself. Currently I'm always running to my computer to retrieve recipes for dinner.

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