Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mama Trip!

I just got back from a three day retreat with my homeschooling mama support group. What an amazing weekend! The entire time we were there it poured rain off and on... so it ended up being a weekend of movies, chatting, and cooking good fall foods. It was blissful!

Weekends like this keep me so filled up with hope for a good school year, and I always come home eager to try new fun things with the kids and confident in my ability that homeschool is the best choice for us. These ladies are my village and I adore them with all my heart. I am so privileged to know each and every one of them.

Of course, for me, going over the mountians couldn't be complete with out stopping at one of Washingtons apple orchards! Beautiful isn't it?

And guess what?? (For Erika and Katie especially) I learned to KNIT!!! I (some how) pick up more stitches than I have any idea how to drop, and my knitting is still CRAZY tight, but I did it... and I have a 10 inch piece of wool cloth to prove it. :) Yep, I stole the kids finger knitting yarn. Today I was a good mama and went out and bought some of my own. I also got two 'in the round' sets of needles and I am excited to say I want to try my own hat for the new baby as soon as I get the hang of casting on.




Anonymous said...

Good for you! It took me ten years of trying and retrying to knit, and then suddenly, I just did it. You probably already know this, but you can search any knitting term or procedure on YouTube and come up with tons of helpful videos. I am working on my first socks and recently finished a top-down sweater for my almost 2 year old and I've been using this as a resource a lot, since I don't get to the yarn shop a whole lot.

Always a pleasure. Hope your pregnancy is going great. SUCH a good excuse to pursue knitting, etc.

Katie said...

So happy for you! Warning...it becomes a total addiction :)
Hope all is well, I miss our 'chats'

ColorSlut said...

Congrats on the retreat and knitting. If you ever need yarn, advice or just to chat knitting drop me a line :)

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