Friday, October 1, 2010

Handcrafted Holiday ~ Halloween Bubble Wands

As the rainy time of year comes back I feel the need to start planning crafts that we didn't get done in the summer. Now October is here, and that means PUMPKINS!

One of the things I never got to last year was bubble wands. These are SO much fun and the require so little time that they could easily be an any day activity. It is a great way to spruce up an afternoon where everything is going pear shaped.

You need:

14 gauge wire

needle nose pliers

dowel of any size

an idea of what you want your bubble wand to be

some bubble mixture (good recipes here)

First, decide on an idea or theme for your bubble wand... but don't be too specific. Make the picture easy and something that will have a closed circle so it will hold the bubble solution. This one was just a print out from Google Images. I just typed in "Pumpkin Outline" and picked the one I liked.

If you can, drill a hole through your dowel and put your wire through it. This will make it more secure, but it isn't essential.

Make a big circle with your wire and wrap the bottom around the dowel. Make sure that you give yourself enough room for the design you want to make with the bent wire. (Also be sure that you wrap the bottom of your wand tightly around the dowel so the sharp edges do not catch little hands.)

Bend your design into the desired shape.

Both of these were going to be pumpkins, but when I tried to create the leaf on top of my second pumpkin it took on a decidedly ghost-like shape... so I let it evolve and what a cute little ghost it is!

Mix the bubble solution, hand out the bubble wands, and watch the magic!

Happy first day of October everyone!




Anne said...

WOW that looks like fun...:)

Kristen said...

I think i need to give this a try

Tracey said...

what great fun for your children.. my kids loved blowing bubbles. It was a fun and family gathering activity as their mother liked to do it as much as they did!

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