Thursday, November 18, 2010


How do we know I am almost 7 mos pregnant?

Well, lets see... how about the finger prints on the mirrors I no longer care about? Or the flash that doesn't show my face to hide the bags under my eyes from not sleeping? Or how about the fact that I will post crazy silly pictures of myself on my blog for everyone to see just to have something to say today? Yes. All of thee above. ;) But here is the belly anyhow... 28 wks.

Midwives apt went great today. Everything is just as it should be. Little One (current favorite name Lucas Elliott) is growing and is STRONG! My feet (and my rear end) are wider than they ever have been, but my ankles are not swollen, so I am guessing they will go back (hopefully). My blood count and ultrasound scan from 20wks came in perfect! Even my iron is fine (which has been an issue in the past). Honestly, I am feeling better than I did physically a month ago. If I could sleep I could say this was almost comfortable right now. I am going to try a small dose of Valerian Root to see if I can stem the worst of the insomnia I am dealing with, and if that helps, 7 may be my lucky number!

I live in yoga pants and dh's tee shirts... but what frugal pregnant woman doesn't? I have been doing art just so I don't have to do housework (you know you are really sporting a big belly when you get out of breath bending over to switch out the laundry!) and I am really enjoying some of the crafts I am playing with (which of course, I will show you later).

All in all, I am feeling good.




Sarah said...

:) You are so good about taking belly pictures, I think I have on pic of me pregnant from each of mine...I never come out from behind the camera.

You look great! Glad the baby is growing well and I hope you get some sleep!

Just over 3 weeks left for me!

Shirley said...

You look fabulous! I took weekly shots with both of my kiddos.

SF said...

You look great! :D Glad the pregnancy is going so well. Hope you get some sleep soon. xx

erika~ the inspired mama said...

pretty belly! glad you are feeling good ♥

Val in the Rose Garden said...

I am glad I had a good day. Last night I barely slept at all. I have been trying to decide if I should have a sick day today (ie; not do school with the kids) so I can take a nap or just suck it up and get a second cup of coffee. Neither option is terribly appealing.

Good days are hard to come by. I was kinda hoping to hang on to that one. ;)

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