Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Stormy Weather

I sit in the warm house keeping the tea hot and the fire blazing while my husband and son tear down what is left of our side fence. The storm two days ago knocked down half of it and started throwing pieces of our wood shed around. All during that storm the kids and I sat in the house preparing for a power outage as the wind raged over head and branches fell from the trees above our house and scraped across our roof.

We lost power for all of one minute. It was an amazing storm though.

Down the street our neighbors suffered damage to their things too. One man we know had a branch the size of a small tree fall in front of his garage. I haven't yet talked to him to make sure his car wasn't under it.

Another storm is predicted for this weekend. This one is supposed to include snow. Welcome White Winter! Please, be gentle.




Shirley said...

10 hours without power for us and school was canceled (4 schools without power as of 6 am plus neighborhoods were still without power). Am hoping that we get some snow but not a lot. LOL!

Stay warm and dry!

Unknown said...

Yikes! Bummer about the fence. We had a crazy storm last night too. No damage though.

Kate said...

We lost a tree in our front yard, came down on our fence but thankfully the wire fence is still standing--- just a little bit bent. It was a tree we wanted removed and this way it took all the roots with it so no stump to deal with!

I love snow but am not really looking forward to it this weekend-- too early!

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