Friday, December 10, 2010

Advent ~ Day 7 - 9

Day 7: Make recycled wrappings!

We made a lot of these little envelopes that we put our beeswax ornaments into and are planning on tucking those in sweet gift boxes.

We also made a ton of gift bags. Some out of book pages and some out of calendar pages. Tutorial is here.

Day #8: A soapy project! This one we didn't get to. It is the first one that we have had other things going on that day. Instead, we went ice skating! It was CRAZY fun and we are all thinking now of getting lessons (after Feb, of course). What an addictive sport!

Day #9: Making paper crafts with friends.

Paper bits were flying at my house when our friends came over for some cookies, hot tea, and paper crafting. We made Waldorf Stars, paper ball ornaments, and I got to learn a new way to make beautiful snowflakes! It was a blast!


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