Saturday, December 11, 2010

Homemade ornaments

I remember from my childhood candy cane reindeer with antlers made from pipe cleaners in twisty red and white, and cute little walnut shells stuffed with roving and a bead for the head of baby Jesus in the manger. But honestly, I don't remember homemade ornaments being 'beautiful'. They were the ones that brought back memories of "oh you remember when you were 4 and you brought this home from preschool?" They didn't make people stop and ask "That's beautiful! Where did you get that?"

This Waldorf star that Alex made is a current favorite of mine. It is about 2 inches wide and my origami master of a teen has made 5 of them to hang on the tree now. They are just stunning! I had to take them down and cover them in glitter Mod Podge so they will last forever, because they are just too precious to not keep!

This one is a bit more homemade looking. It is made from recycled sweaters. I love it though! It looks like something you would find at a craft fair, doesn't it?

The most homemade looking one we have made this year has been the beeswax ones... but they are just SO pretty on the tree!

Any beautiful handmade ornaments on your tree this year?




An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

We don't have anything as stunning as those. I'm afraid we are still in the pipe cleaner and fun foam stage. Those stars are beautiful!

Frannie said...

I'm in a mood... and I just want to say that you are such a great mother and wife. So real, not flashy, yet extraordinary. Thanks for letting us see your life. It's beautiful. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season with all you love:)

Silver Sisters said...

I jsut posted on my blog about the one my daughter made this year. It's not as beautiful as yours but she's only 6! The handmade ones have so much more meaning, don't you find? They are tones that get kept from year to year.

tanivee said...

How about a tutorial for that star?

Val in the Rose Garden said...

@ Unschooling Mom - I was SO proud of my pipecleaner ones! I think my mom still may have some. They are precious memories for sure. :)

@ Frannie - Thank you, my dear! That is so good to hear. I have had quite the day with my teen so it is always nice to know that somewhere my life looks pulled together and pleasant. <3

@ Silver Sisters - Oh I will have to go check it out! Yes, they do evolve as they get older. Alex made those all on his own for the first time last year and I was just blown away! They were from the scraps that I was cutting off for the bigger stars we have above the nature table... My sweet recycler. ;)

@ Tanivee - There is a link to a tute here:

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