Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Advent ~ Days 4 - 6

Day 4: Breakfast with Santa at the Station. Here is the Chief reading 'Night Before Christmas' to the kids before breakfast. :)

After breakfast each kid got to sit on Santa's lap and pick a toy from 'the workshop' (ie: the turnout tables. lol...) which they thought was the BEST THING EVER!

Day #5: Make beeswax ornaments:

These turned out beautiful!

Day #6: Pick our Christmas tree with daddy!

The kids were thrilled that we were going to a tree farm this year. It has been a while as we have bought them from places that source locally instead of cutting them ourselves since we have been up here. Don found this beautiful little tree farm right in the city and we got to pick our favorite from hundreds of beautiful trees, and take it home.

Shocking as it was, in the two years since we have cut our own tree, Alex is now able to cut, carry, and put the 8 ft tree on top of the car all by himself. I was stunned! My boy is getting so amazingly big!

Stay tuned for more Advent Activities very soon!


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