Monday, December 6, 2010

Handmade Gifts Feature ~ Texture Clothing

Some of my favorite gifts have been clothes. The sweatshirt or jacket I wouldn't buy for myself, or the skirt I love so much I would like another.... those types of gifts make the receiver feel known and cherished each and every time they wear them. Mix that with sustainable practices and amazing styles and you get Texture Clothing!

This is Teresa Remple. She is the creator of Texture. She is also a dear market friend of mine. Her spunk and wit really got me through some of those long market days and I just love her style! Her colors are amazing and her fabric is scrummy to begin with (yes that is a word) and just gets softer when washed. She is conscious about every step that it takes to make her amazing designs and works very hard to use up every scrap of fabric (and those that she doesn't use come to me! I am a lucky girl.).

My best friend and I are HUGE fans of her 'comfy skirt' and together we own at least 4. Even though I am almost 8 mos pregnant, I can still wear it, although the boots I used to wear it with are not near so comfy right now. ;) But let me tell you, the skirt is sure to be a favorite of any lady on your gift list. (The beautiful pregnant lady in the picture is not me.)

My favorite gift item for this season is her Knit Mitts. These fingerless mitts are the perfect gift for anyone with busy hands. They are soft and supple, completely washable, and come in all loads of colors so you can get a set for every outfit! Consider them stocking stuffers or the perfect gift for friends, they will be worn constantly during these colder months, and packed away to go on hiking and camping trips the year round. I can't recommend them enough... in fact, I used them for market nearly every weekend last year and posted about them then too. (They also come in boy sizes and colors.)

100 Uses for a Texture Knit Mitt

playing in a marching a hot pad.riding your bike.eating a garden burger.walking your dog.holding a hot mug.making a fire.camping.golfing.fixing your kitchen sink.walking on a cold night.making jam.playing guitar.skateboarding.making jewelry.typing in a cold office.making tea.speaking sign language.using your ipod.driving your car.hitch hiking.dancing.looking cool.waving at cute boys or the thumbs up.knitting.crocheting.sewing.doodling.sailing.holding hands.jumping rope.roller skating.holding on tight.painting.laying tile.building a deck.gardening.riding the bus.hailing a taxi.finding change in your purse.dialing the phone.weaving.making a hair wraps.watering your plants.keeping your wrists your house.vaccuming.reading a book.writing a book.picking flowers.berry picking.playing cards.getting dressed in your cold house.doing your hair.writing a love note.crafting.

And just to make it that much better, she gave me a gift code for free shipping through December 24th! Just type in "20moments" into the coupon box at checkout and enjoy your beautiful new garments sent to your door for free.




Unknown said...

I love her stuff. So cute!

Anonymous said...

oh val! thanks for saying such nice things about me! it was lovely to see you...hug you the other day!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Any time, my friend! I hope you have a beautiful season!



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