Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Zombies got loose for Christmas (ie: making gift baskets for boys ages 14 to 25)

All was well in Storybook land. The snowflakes were falling and the gingerbread men had on the plastered smiles that spoke of Christmas time!

But then! A batch of flesh eating zombies came to town!

The carnage was amazing! Limbs and bloody stumps were everywhere (much to my teens delight).

Quickly, to stop the slaughter, I packaged these up for the boys I know who would love them... although I left a zombie in each cookie tin... so who knows, they may never get there.

("Nothing says 'love' and 'merry Christmas' like flesh eating zombies!" - Don)




Anonymous said...


Gwen said...

Simple, unadulterated BRILLIANCE. I am busily plotting how to get my MIL to agree to zombie cookies during our cookie fest with the grandkids. I may have to steal your idea then plead the fifth when she wants to know who did it.

You are a real holiday inspiration.

Shirley said...


Anonymous said...

Oh that is too, too funny. But very inspiring - I also have an older boy and two younger girls - it's hard to think of things they'd *all* like to do, but I'm sure DS would get involved in decorating gingerbread, zombie style :)

Stephanie Griffith said...

I love these! OMG they are so much fun!

Frannie said...


Jenny said...

My son would love these too. 2 years ago we made half eaten gingerbread. Boys can be harder to find things for, especially when they get older.

Val in the Rose Garden said...

I agree. Esp if you don't feel like just getting gift cards or computer parts for them. I had a hard time with Alex starting around 8 years old. Finding constructing stuff for boys is harder as our world turns more and more towards computer stuff and indoor stuff and video games... What happened to giving a boy a tool set or a pile of scrap wood?

Ok, rant over....



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