Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Due Date to me...

Nope... no little one yet. Feeling terribly overdone.

We have eaten lots of cereal and eggs. We have read lots of books and watched more movies than I can count. Homeschooling is on hold aside from curriculum's that don't require much of me (Teaching Textbooks being the main one we have kept up on). My whole day consists of making sure my kids are fed and I stay unirritated and even close to reasonably comfortable.

Naptime has been the highlight of my days lately.

I have finished two sweet little blue baby hats on my round needles, and ball #13 is now done and in the basket. The youngests room is beautiful and almost finished and the house is pretty well clean. And that is everything I can do at the moment.

My main creative endeavor lately has been to find new ways for my kids to occupy themselves so I can lay down more than stay upright.

Happy Due Date to me...




Crystal M. said...

It seemed like a few days since I'd read a post of yours, and thought maybe you were having the little one! Well, I hope it's soon! Take good care these last few days (or hours, as the case might be!)

ColorSlut said...

HAPPY DUE DATE! I'm sure the little gem will be here any time now. Hugs and I hope for a quick, easy delivery! Can't wait to meet the little guy.

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

"Hang in there" sounds stupid, but what else can I say? And, what else can you do :)

Carley Sue said...

OMG...I figured out how to do this! I am usually a lurker ;)

Due dates are so surreal. All that anticipation over a single date. I will never forget sitting in my rocking chair on Sam's due date, also my 25th birthday, and being totally depressed! I sure hope this little guy doesn't pull a Logan!!!

SF said...

Well done to you! You are doing so well!

I tend to "lurk" here a bit, but haven't dropped in for awhile. Looking forward to hearing the wonderful news of your precious baby's arrival!

Blessings, Saminda xx

Nicci Lynn said...

Completely understand! Those last days are long and torturous!

Just found your blog through another and wanted to wish you many blessing with your newest blessing!


Amber said...

Happy due date! I know how you feel. I went to 41.5 weeks with my second. The last days are torture but also so wonderful because you KNOW that it is going to happen soon. Happy labor vibes to you!

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