Thursday, February 10, 2011

The beauty of the first sunny day of the year

Two things are perfect about today. The sun is out... and I can take a deep breath. Which means that the baby has dropped. Which means that the baby may actually be born sometime in February. lol... I was completely taken back by my ability to bend over and clip my herb bed this afternoon. But standing in the sunshine with my sweet marmalade cat mewing around my feet and rubbing up against me, I spent an hour bent over absolutely overjoyed to play in the cold dirt. Oregano is trimmed, small grass clumps are removed, mint is cut back... and I did it all by myself. Sigh... What a beautiful day!



erika~ the inspired mama said...

come on, baby boy!! any day, mama ♥

pink and green mama MaryLea said...

Was having vibes this morning that you might be having that baby.
Wishing you speed, strength, and a quick & healthy delivery for you and your sweet new baby.

Love those knitted balls (knitting/crocheting are on my new things to learn this year list!)


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