Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sleepless knitting...

In this pregnancy my biggest issue has been lack of being able to fall asleep. I am up for at least half of most nights. I would love to say that it is a prep for the sleepless nights with baby in the next few weeks, but that sounds like I am saying I want to starve myself before getting lost in the desert with no food. :P It just doesn't make any sense!

About 3 months ago my dear friend Erika sent me a box of yarn scraps. Half balls of hand dyed wool yarn, chunky yarn left over from her beautiful hand dying, cotton yarn, thick and thin yarn... tons of fun for a fiber addict like me to experiment with! So I have been using my sleepless time to learn to knit. Watching You Tube videos on ribbing, adding stripes, tighter stitches, etc... I have made each of these insomnia lessons into a 30 stitch by 30 stitch square that was then made into a ball by using the knitting tail as a thread and stitching the ends together to make a tube. Then I stuff the tube and seal up the ends. I have stuffed the balls with plastic bags (crinkle), wool (soft), and fiberfill with tiny bells in them (jingle) and I have been piling them into a basket next to my bed.

A couple of days ago I realized my basket is full. There are 13 balls in the basket, all made out of different fun yarns and many have the first of my knitting lessons on them in the form of stripes and ribs that made the sleepless nights a bit more bearable. The basket can't hold many more (and it's a big basket BTW, it is about 19 inches across)....

Time to let the little one know that it's time to stop sleepless knitting and start sleepless nursing!




Unknown said...

What a brilliant way to learn to knit! They are beautiful and will be a perfect plaything for your new little one.

erika~ the inspired mama said...

yayyyy! looks like you have put those little bits of yarn to excellent use! LOVE!


Katie said...

They look great! Good for you.
So excited waiting for your new baby post!

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