Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's still a no...

I am being stalked. Even my Starbucks ladies know that I was due days ago and am still pregnant. Everyone calls me just to 'see how I am'. Especially relatives. Friends know how that would drive me crazy and they have been great about only calling once every couple of days or texting things like "thinking of you" instead of the typical "any baby news yet?" which makes you feel like a defective watched pot.

Last night I slept though. I slept GOOD. I didn't even stay awake after my trips to the bathroom... just crashed right back into a decent sleep (buried in my mounds of pillows that threaten to kick Don out of the bed entirely). Which isn't something that I have done in months. Today I woke feeling more comfortable than I have been in weeks. And a little cheeky. So I posted "Guess what???!?!??!?!?!" on Facebook this morning... and then






Still pregnant. "

LOL! It drove my sweet stalker friends crazy... but it made me laugh. All day today I have been smiling about my impish joke and enjoying my more comfortable self. I even got to hang out with some wonderful friends. :)

I did this with Logan's pregnancy too. For the last couple days I was pregnant, I felt great. I remember posting about how Cyan and I made snowmen out in the yard and other things that up until today there was no way I could have done for the past month. So perhaps this is it... perhaps I will not be 2 wks overdue like I was with him. Or perhaps I am just getting a break. Whatever it is... I'll take it.




Alli said...

This is a great website for those pesky inquiries:


erika~ the inspired mama said...

argh, i didn't even tell people my "due date" because i can't stand the stalking... a watched uterus doesn't contract, people!! esme was 3 days post date, harper 2 weeks and luca 2 days. so my babes all cook a little longer and i was totally prepared for that but it seems everyone else had a hard time waiting!

enjoy these last few days, or hours with your sweet family! before long you will have your arms and hearts full of LoVe! ♥


Val in the Rose Garden said...

Thanks Erika... I should have thought of that, but Valentine's day is such a COOL due date that I thought it might be safe. :P My bad.

Alli, that was great. Thank you! I needed the laugh. :)



Anonymous said...

I have been down that road before but now because of the c-sections I get to pick a date around seven days before my actual due date. I am so glad you got a good night sleep. I am still in the tossing and turning and getting up to use the bathroom stage. I am due April 12 but will probably pick the 8th for delivery date. Chin up!

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