Tuesday, March 15, 2011

We survived! Barely...

Don's first week back at work was NOT a disaster. I did have to take all 4 kids to the doctors, twice. Which was less than fun. Joy of all joys... I got to be 'that mom'. The mom who uses their kids FULL names (loudly) in front of 12 elderly patients who I knew were thinking "oh good God woman, at least some of those kids should be in school, or medicated, or something!"

But persevere we did.

Cyan and Logan had both decided that they needed to take their shoes and socks off in the waiting room. Why? I have NO idea... I stand in the waiting room while putting Logan's shoes on, and have him repeat back to me several times "Mama, I will NOT take off my shoes at the doctors office."

They call Logan's name and we got back to our room with minimal damage. The nurse comes up to get his stats... and the first thing she asks him to do is take off his shoes. Argh!!

We get to the room and I start to talk with the nurse. Then Alex interrupts me. Go back to talking to the nurse. Cyan interrupts me. I tell them both to sit on the floor and perfect twiddling their thumbs. I stare at them with 'that look' until they actually comply. The nurse snickers. Then starts to lecture me on the benefits of immunizations (of which we only get one). Logan starts bouncing on the table with his shoes still off. Lucas starts to cry.

By the time the nurse left I was feeling very stressed.

Comforting the baby, I decide to use that time as a teaching moment for my older children. 'There are younger kids that need you to be good examples.' 'You have times where you just need to sit and be quiet, and those times become more frequent as you get older' 'When it is YOUR doctors apt, it is YOUR time to talk, now is Logan's doctors apt and so that means that no one but me and Logan should be talking.' I got lots of understanding nods.

Then the doctor shows up, and before he has spoken three words one of the older kids interrupts him to ask if they can play 'rock paper scissors' instead of twiddle their thumbs.

Sigh... it is going to be a long couple of weeks.




Jenny said...

Oh, I SOOO sympathize. What is it about the Dr. office? My baby is almost a year and a half and JUST this week, we had Dr. office success with all 3 kids present. Now, mine are all under 5, but STILL! No joke, the first time I took 2 kids to the dr. office, my oldest, Logan :), decided to act out and hit me!! He had NEVER done this before and has never since. Nice timing dude. He also decided instead of sitting down, he'd turn the light off and then walk out the exam room door. THere I stood pinning a naked newborn onto the table while my 2 year old walked out the door and ignored the Dr.'s and my calls to him. THEN, once my 3rd was born, I thought my daughter had a bladder infection. Knowing our Dr. office history, I asked the nurse on the phone if I could bring a pee sample in instead of doing it there. I mean, can you imagine trying to get a urine sample from a 3 year old girl with a baby on your hip and a 5 year old in tow? I felt so prepared to arrive WITH the sample. Should be an in and out trip. BUT, Logan decides this was the exact perfect moment to mouth off. WHen the Dr. left the room to check the test, I took him by the arm, sat him down, and told him he was in big trouble. Upset that I had to physically sit him down, he yells, "Hey, you're hurting me!" right as the Dr. walked back into the room!!! I don't know if I've ever been so embarrased, pissed, and a bit scared in my whole parental life. Now, for the record, let me just say that Logan is a very good boy....a pleaser of a kid. Why he chose the drs office to perform random acts of chaos and rebellion is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

I know it's not easybuttryto slow down and other things can be put off for awhile unless the kiddos are sickthen routine app.can wait. Hey you just had a baby and unlessits just you and baby maybe it will hvae to wait.I had to learn this, too. For some time I felt like a hermit but it is too muchto try and juggle all of the kids at once even at the grocery store.I learedto make outings mommy and baby only time. It is good to check if doctors have later app.and when daddy comes home you can take baby and the other child to dr. I don't wantto tell you how to run your life. Only trying to help because I've been there.You are a super mom with four beautiful children keep up the good work and give yourself a break.

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