Tuesday, June 14, 2011

In my kitchen, 12:45pm on a Tuesday afternoon

The most beautiful homemade bread!!


I mean really… could home made bread look any better?  This week I tried the honey-wheat bread too… that was all gone with in minutes of coming out of the oven.  And in the spirit of finding things to go onto bread instead of butter (I SO miss butter!!), I went by our local honey producer and picked up 6 lbs of honey last Friday.  Those were some happy homemade bread eatin’ kids!



Jennifer, Serena and Mavis said...

Can you please post the recipe for your bread.

Morgan said...

Oh, that looks so delicious! It definitely makes me want to bake a loaf (or several) of bread!

Sunshine Alternative Mama said...

That is just beautiful!

Zaira said...

*ahem* recipe please? You can't post a pic like that and not tell us how to make it!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

This is the basic recipe bread of Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day. I did the first rising, then let it rise the second time in the loaf pan, and then baked it without the steam. I have done it several times and every time it turns out perfect. :)



Val in the Rose Garden said...


Here is a link to the basic recipe. <3 I am adding the second loaf of bread that I used steam and stone for like the recipe says. :)


Cat J B said...

Ooh, I am trying that! I've done artisan in 5 before, but it never looks as good as yours. Mmm, I want bread now.....but definitely with butter!

Snugbug said...

Absolutely perfect!

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