Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Spontaneous Gratitude for a day at the Zoo

I went away with my girlfriends this weekend to a little lake getaway about 4 hours from here.  Normally this would be an amazing retreat where I would get fully refreshed and recharged… this time we took two babies along….  let’s just say it was not the chatty, calming, recharging drive it usually was.  I have spent the better part of yesterday and today in sort of a shock.  I decided that we should do something fun….  so we went to the zoo.  And it was wonderful. 

It felt like a spontaneous gratitude moment. (For the history of Spontaneous Gratitude, go here.)

So today I am grateful for:


Close encounters with curious birds.


Being able to see the musky arctic fox and them having plenty of room to run.


Big, beautiful climbing trees and the beautiful girls that like to sit in them.


And of course, being able to eat the animals.


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