Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What I love about you ~ Cyan, 9 years & 11 mos


I love how quick you are to change your mind.  I know that is often considered a negative, but you do it with everything… not just when to wear different earrings but also when to change a bad mood to good, and when to change a complaint to a question.  I love that about you.

I love your crooked teeth.  I know we have to get them fixed soon, but I have to admit that I will miss them.  They have been such a focus of your beautiful face for so very long (that broken one has been broken since you were 16 mos old.  First the baby, and then, before it even came all the way in, the permanent one).

I LOVE your songs!  You sing all the time. I love hearing the words you have come up with to songs I already know and the songs you make up yourself. 

I love how good you are with your little brothers.  Having baby brothers isn’t easy and I know that sometimes you would much rather be nasty to them than patient, but you are usually patient and kind.

I love your style!  You have always had such a distinct style from when you decided your favorite color was red at 2, to when you decided you wanted your ears pierced at 4, to that ‘blue’ phase you took on from ages 7 - 9.  I believe that your style will keep changing, and each phase will be a reflection of the incredible woman you are growing into.


I love you my sweet, darling girl!


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