Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Feeding a crowd


This last week has been crazy.  Three birthday parties, VBS every morning all week, Cyan’s birthday and now Alex’s birthday, a family reunion, a kitty with some serious health issues (which I will not describe because that would take away from these pictures of food quite a bit) and a couple other dramatic things have all gone down in the last 8 days. 

Last night I had 3 extra kids and I decided to do something smart.  A make your own meal.  We started with big baked potatoes cooked to perfection, and then I added this:


A Lazy Susan filled with tons of toppings so the kids could make their own favorite creations.  On this is sour cream, MSG free ranch, salsa, bacon crumbles, chives (from the garden!), grated parmesan cheese, butter… and not pictured was the boiled eggs, and the shredded carrots (which no one used but me).

It was a HUGE hit… and the Lazy Susan made it extra special!  The kids loved being able to get their own toppings and I loved that the mess was completely contained.  I already have many other meals that the Lazy Susan will be a help with!  I can just picture tons of tiny bowls filled with things to go on top of bowls of brown rice, tacos, etc.  It’s just so much fun!



mandi said...

That's a great idea for a crowd. My kid's love to make their own tacos so I'm thinking they would like this too. I think I need a lazy susan!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Ikea $8. :)

rebecca said...

super idea.
hey, off topic, but is your friend sarah selling the homeschool planners for the fall? if so, i need one!!

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