Sunday, July 10, 2011

First foods!


Luke got his first taste of food the other day.  I have been very cautious due to his milk and soy allergies to only give him food I make, and so far it hasn’t caused any issues.  Although so far, it has never been more than a tablespoon of mashed up organic banana.  lol!  He LOVES it!  Yells between bites, gets mad when he is done, etc.  He is ready for food. 

All my boys have been like that.  I actually held off a few weeks more with Luke than I did with Logan and Alex (he has had more tummy issues).  I wanted him to be sitting up and showing me he was really interested before I moved on to the big stuff.  And then I waited a couple more weeks after that.  Now he’s in love.


I may have to give him some digestive enzymes down the road to help his sensitive little system deal with more complex foods but I have been taking probiotics for months to help him with the digestion of his first foods and that seems to be working fine. 



An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

He's growing so fast!

Sarah said...

They are funny with first foods. Annika's in love with peaches. Peach season is in full swing and she can't get enough and steals from anyone willing to give.

erika~ the inspired mama said...

hi val! just stopping by to catch up and WHAT IS THIS??!! the little guy is chowing down already! where has the time gone? he is so aodrable, mama. i love that he looks so much like logan ♥ so sweet! enjoy!

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