Monday, July 11, 2011

Look-it what I got! (The girls like it too…)


My beautiful arbor was a gift from the husband.   It makes me so happy!  The garden really is starting to look the way I want it to out there.  I got two Henryi Clematis plants and we have dug into our rocky soil to put them in.  They were not happy in pots, but now that they are in the soil they seem to be doing really well. 

The two large planters were also gifts from the husband.  Ie: we were walking through Costco and he said “Hey, those would be great next to your arbor.” and he was absolutely right!  They are beautiful! 





Now that the plants are big enough, I have been letting the chickens out more and more.  We have even gotten a new-to-us coop that I am remodeling for them.  (Can be seen in the far top right in the first picture.)


They have enjoyed their new found freedom and have dug up many bugs and slugs to eat around the garden beds… with only a few casualties to my seedlings (my beets mostly).




Farmgirl happiness…. right here in the city!



Frannie said...

hey Val, looks just like your sketch of it back in the day! Are you doing square foot planting in your boxes? My garden is similar and I've been researching it a bit but wanted to get some feedback from someone who has done it.

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Hi Frannie! :) I do not do square foot gardening although I have done it in the past. My technique is mostly companion planting along with quite a bit of 'by feel' gardening. I like to think of gardening more like cooking than baking. In baking if you miss one step or one ingredient then the whole thing is a flop... in cooking if you miss one ingredient or step you can adjust and most things will work out just fine. Gardening is more like cooking. I just do things better and better every year and learn every year. I make mistakes (like allowing the chickens out when I am not out there! ALL my baby beets are now gone. :( ) and I just vow that the next year I will make better mistakes. :D

Feel free to email me and ask anything you want! BlueRoseMama



erika~ the inspired mama said...

oh, what a beautiful gift! your garden looks just lovely, friend. what an amazing space you have created!

mandi said...

Oh, it looks just wonderful! Great work!

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