Monday, August 29, 2011

5 ways to pamper your children - Part 3

It was a long night.  I had just had dental work done and we had friends over late.  I woke up and barely stumbled through the house to make breakfast.  I was barking at everyone and Don was leaving to have the car’s breaks fixed and then head to the doctors… which meant that any moment of peace I would have before he left for work would be gone.  I had woken up thinking of all the things I had to get done and decided that I wasn’t going to play by the rules today.  I was going to wake up and craft and the house could go to pot.  (This was the day of the craft fail). 

I then decided that all rules were off.  Heck… lets have banana splits for breakfast.

Way to pamper your kids #3: Break the rules.



Notice that not once does Logan look at the camera.  He was completely in love with that banana split.  It reminded me of the time we made s’mores for breakfast when our furnace broke. 


The headlines read that day: “Grumpy mom makes kids happy.”  :)

What kind of pampering is going on in your house this week?


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