Saturday, August 27, 2011

‘Craft Fail’ no more. :)


Remember this?  It took me quite a while the next day to figure out how to make them not all look like they had fallen victim to terrible vertigo, but once I finally got it I was SO happy with the results!  Only two birds ended up being weighted correctly to ‘stand’ and the rest I hung from 40lb fishing line so they are ‘floating’.


The top of the birds is made from the hem of an old linen curtain, and the bottoms are left over quilt squares from past quilts (one of them being the quilt on Logan’s bed, so it matches.)   The entire thing was free (I already had the fishing line.) and I can say that those are my very favorite types of crafts!  I just love turning something that would have been trash into something that I will treasure.  Red heart

Below is the view from Luke’s bed. 


All the pretty colored bellies make me happy.

Best of all, he loves it!  He will lay there and make happy baby babble to it.  It is quite adorable! 



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Katie said...

Oh my, I love this idea Val!!

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