Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Craft fail!

Excuse the crappy pictures but that’s all I had the energy for this evening.  I had a long day.  I really wanted to craft.  Woke up thinking about it, a friend came over and got me thinking even more about it… and the baby has decided that mobiles are the best thing EVER and I still haven’t finished his.  So that was my project for today. To finish the mobile for over Luke’s bed in the little boy’s room.  I got the pattern from Spool.  I decided to make them more uniform than the examples but still with fun funky fabrics.  I set to work sewing each bird with love and after two flops that I let the baby chew on, I had finally gotten the pattern down:


Cute huh?  I was on a roll!  I paid my daughter to be a ‘mother’s helper’ to watch the baby while I worked, I took nearly no breaks except to feed baby or make children food all day long.  I worked for about 9 hours straight on this mobile… and when I put it together:


Yeah… all the birds hang upside-down.  LOL!

I’m sure it can be fixed but I’ll figure out how to fix it… tomorrow.  Right now I’m going to bed.  :P



Ashley said...

I recently made these birds for a mobile for my daughter, too! I have yet to attempt to put them on the sticks because I have read all the horror stories about how hard they are to balance and end up like yours. If you figure it out, make sure to post the tips! =) Until then, the birds here just sit in a cute little pile waiting, waiting, waiting...

Kriss said...

why don't u all add wings and hang them from the sticks, it is a Mobil so why not make them fly :)

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Ashely, Did you see my solution? Good luck to you!




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