Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I want to learn….. first day of school interviews

My friend has this yearly tradition of asking the kids what they want to learn at the beginning of each school year.  I skipped last year, but I have picked it up this year again and am happy to say my kids came up with some wonderful things to learn!
This was Logan’s first year being involved in this conversation.  His goals (in his own words) were quite cute.
I am interested in learning about the letter Bb.  I want to swim! And learn how to baking a cake.  I want to learn about metal - the inside.  And about big metal dinosaur robots!
Cyan was enjoying telling me about how she ‘loves what we are doing right now and doesn’t want to do ANYTHING else’ but with some prompting I got this:
I want to learn about the woods.  Violin and singing and maybe the thingy you did, cello.  I am interested in fairies and swimming.  I want to still do more horse back riding but if we can’t then that’s ok.   And cooking!  I want to learn how to draw and learn about drawing.  Gardens, planting, canning peaches and about babysitting; and maybe how to mow the yard.
This was a phone conversation for Alex.
Math, sign language (ASL) &some sort of cooking (I don’t really care what it is).  Wood working.  Like tree stump wood working making faces in trees and stuff and thick blocks like 3D pictures out of wood.  Driving - haha - stick figure art, like comic books, or flip book arts.  And mechanics - like fixing things that are hard to fix.


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