Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Making Giggles & Being Grumpy


My sweet boys are starting to interact.  Their room is starting to look completely finished and Luke is starting to nap in there more and more. 

Logan is loving being the big brother.  I think the idea of a rough and tumble little brother to play with is starting to appeal.


This is just a great picture.  The lighting and the look on Logan’s face are just lovely.  I know it isn’t a happy look, but it is a look that is very ‘Logan’.  lol… he has always had very distinct features and an intense disposition.  He is very sweet, don’t get me wrong… he is even sensitive… but he is also VERY strong willed and intense.  I often call him my little ball of fire. 

Luke has the same face.  That face that looks just like Logan’s.  But as he gets older, he has a very different personality.  Softer, less intense and more easily adjusted.  You can see it in the set of his eyebrows and the curve of his mouth.  In the face that looks so much like Logan’s, Luke says ‘sweet’ while Logan says ‘strong’. 

I wonder what the future will bring for my sweet and strong baby boys.



Frannie said...

That "strong" face makes me think he might have a good future in law enforcement:)

Val in the Rose Garden said...

I agree! Just like his daddy. :)



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