Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My how much you’ve grown!



Isn’t it amazing what 6 short months can do?




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SmithGang said...

What a difference 6 months has made in your baby and in your Gardens Life as well.I sat and marveled at the difference in our granddaughters life as well, 8 months this month. I have been so blessed sitting and reading your blog daily. Actually very addicted to it. You are an amazing woman and even at 45 I am learning so much for you.I have returned home after 24 years of working and 1 year homeschooling to be a wife,mother and 1st time grandmother, well Lolli to her:) I am showing you off to several homeschool moms and my own south Georgia family.Hoping you don't mind lol .I have encouraged my daughter of 20 to read your blog and grow and she begins her new life as mom right now she is a single mom returning to college to get an education but I wanted her to grow in knowledge from a mother at home as well.She loved your trick on the beef jerky:) Just wanted to say thank you for sharing your daily Life and let you know you are an amazing woman.I am enjoying reading over your pages of blogs daily with a cup of coffee,such motivation! May you have a Blessed day:)

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