Tuesday, September 13, 2011

5 ways to pamper your children- Part 5

This food transition has been a huge blessing to me… and it is benefiting my entire family’s health already (Alex’s skin has completely cleared of blemishes, which is saying something when you are a 15 yr old boy).  But the emotional connections to certain foods are strong.  Alex actually came home from his vacation in Florida and kept saying “where is all the food?”  Logan glanced longingly at the Great Harvest Bread Co the last time we went to the Trader Joes (that is next door) and said “Mama… can we please have bread?” complete with puppy dog eyes (I let them get the samples and he seemed thrilled with that).  They have had sad moments with he lack of crackers or bread and excited moments when they get to do things like eat two peaches all to themselves….  But the transition has been the hardest on Cyan.  She has a tender palette and is a starch lover like my husband.  And she has the most emotional connection to her food.  So a few moments this week were all about making sure that there were special things for Cyan.

Way #5: Follow up on a promise

It also worked that we started school this week and had our first playdates of the year. I wanted the connection she got from this pampering NOT to be about food.  I wanted it to be about love and feeling proud of herself. So when she asked me to do her hair and I thought why not take this opportunity to pamper her a little bit?  Afterall, she has asked me tons of times for cool hairdos but I haven’t ever done more than a few variations of Laura Ingalls braids and pig tails.

I found this site with wonderful hairdos for girls and decided to try one out for a tea party playdate we had that afternoon:



She wore it so proudly! 

Then two days later, I tried another one for the Puyallup Fair parade:


It was so wonderful to see her so proud as friends asked her about her hairdo.  Neither one was hard, I just hadn’t taken the time to follow up with some research on our hairdo conversation.  I am so glad I took that time.  I feel like I have a new skill too!  I have two new fancy hairdos under my belt that I can put together in about 15 minutes and I plan on learning more.

What type of pampering is going on at your house this week?


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Sunshine Alternative Mama said...

One thing I like about Jaminet's Perfect Health Diet is that it is modified paleo, allowing potatoes and white rice as "safe" starches (very low plant toxins). It makes all the difference with my boys. As does a little maple syrup in the morning smoothie for J ...

Lately our pampering has been slowing down and bringing out some of the art supplies that used to be used with supervision only.

Cyan's hair looks lovely!

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