Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Peaches are done! Barely…


These jars should be worth about $20 each.  lol…  these peaches were a different variety than I normally get.  I got the deal from Zycon, which was a great deal!  But when you factor in the new variety doesn’t peel at all (even when blanched)… well then it takes on a whole new level of value.  One that takes about 22 hours of work, two friends, and two super late nights for my yearly 40 quarts of peaches.  YIKES!  So I will not be buying peaches from them again.  I sure hope all the other people in line for the peaches had better luck with the peeling than I did.

Recipe - Sugar Free Canned Peaches



SmithGang said...

The Jars are beautiful.I know your family is going to LOVE them. I love following your blog,and I have told several women to check out your blog:) YOUR AWESOME !

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Thank you Sinz! I was so frustrated that day. Your comment really cheered me up. Have a fantastic weekend!



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