Saturday, September 3, 2011

Thank you, garage sale fairy! (Yet another $50 remodel)


The garage-sailing good luck fairy was with me last Friday.  I found this pair of PERFECT condition winged back chairs for $25 each.  They bring the blue into my very beige and red living room and round the whole thing out so nicely, pulling the blue from the tv cabinet curtains that I made last year.  My living room is becoming my happy place again.


In the last month I have also found a perfect condition clock stereo for Cyan, two 12 lb hand weights (the good rubber coated ones, $1 each!), TONS of clothes for both Cyan and Luke, a backyard toddler slide, a hanging lamp (also blue and funky), a new bed frame (our mattress has been on the floor for 13 years!) and more.  I allow myself $40 each payday and then spend all of Friday morning garage sailing.  We have two ritzy neighborhoods we hit regularly, but I have rarely gotten anything truly awesome from those (although I have discovered that the clothes are nicer).  It’s the little hole in the wall neighborhoods that have the best scores and the man selling these beautiful chairs was no exception.  He had an entire garage FILLED with nice pieces of furniture, mostly older pieces like these ones, and nothing was over $100… not even a huge beautiful table and chairs!  I could have spent quite a pretty penny there… but I refrained and stuck to my budget +$10 cus it was the best deal I had seen in forever.  $50 and these babies are sitting in my livingroom, making things pretty.  Can’t ask for much more than that!  A true score!

I just love creating something beautiful with 50 bucks and an afternoon!



erika~ the inspired mama said...

LOVE them! fantastic find! what a treasure :)i am currently looking for the perfect vintage sofa for my space. preferably in gold or plum. and an old stereo cabinet with a working turn table. looking, looking, always on the look out...


pink and green mama MaryLea said...

Love the color!! : )

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